Items we use for all the services we provide here at Mar Vista

(Includes herbal consultation, cupping, gua sha & moxibustion when appropriate)

Herbal Consultation 
Diagnosis and custom formulation of personalized herbal formula using traditional Chinese herbs.

Functional Medicine Consultation
Some Conditions or clients may be better helped using Functional Medicine- a Western, science based nutritional approach. Laboratory testing is heavily utilized in this approach.

Lifestyle Counseling
Contributing factors or causes of much illness lays in lifestyle factors within our control. An important part of treatment lays in identification of these factors and their correction, along with the development of a health oriented lifetlye.

House Visits
Are possible.

If you have questions or are unsure about scheduling an appointment right away, please consider a free consultation – by phone or in person (by appointment). We will be happy to address your concerns and answer your questions.

Please note that a consultation is not in-depth enough to inform a treatment plan to address your health concerns. The complete diagnostic process will take place during your initial visit.