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Nutrition and diet therapy are the foundation of health.It is very important to understand this simple fact and to be certain that you are starting in the right place in your efforts to achieve optimum health and to prevent its absence in the form of disease. This is one of the most important areas of life and health directly under our control, and it should be a primary concern to be certain that we are doing the best we can in it.I strongly recommend that anyone interested in living a healthy life, or overcoming any illness, start by learning a highest quality nutritional strategy.

As a Metabolic Typing Counselor, there are two main approaches I take to dietary counseling. In general I tend to favor a Paleo style diet for most of my patients. This diet is based on ancient dietary principles- hence the term paleo- for paleolithic- the pre-modern diet. This dietary approach emphasizes foods compatible with our body’s ancient nutrition requirements, not the diets that the food system would like us to believe are healthy for us. This diet is fully grounded in science and millenia of healthy ancestors’ empirical experience. It may not be PC, but it’s healthy.If you are looking for help with vegan diet recommendations then I am not your practitioner- although I can help you in many other ways.

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Another dietary counseling system I utilize is one known as Metabolic Typing Diet Plan. It was developed by Bill Wolcott at Health Excel.. I am a trained and certified Metabolic Typing Counselor. I utilize Metabolic Typing because I think it offers the best integration of the astounding amount of nutritional information anywhere. It is a brilliant and sensible system. It is also compatible with the insights of Chinese Medicine about different body constitution types…as anyone who has ever looked into this subject is no doubt aware, nutrition is a vast sea of confusing contradictions and mysteries. So, I leave it to the specialists at Health Excel to do the heavy sifting for me. It saves both me and you a lot of trouble.

You just simply go to the Health Excel site and enter the test information, I get the report back, and then we meet and I walk you through it, interpret it, customize it, and answer your questions. After that, I try to get you to actually follow the plan, and act as somebody to answer to when you stumble, and then help you get back on your feet.

The virute of Metabolic Typing testing is that you can see what general type of diet best suits you, and you can make adjustments from there. Some people really do do well with a high carbohydrate, vegetarian, or super-heavy meat diet. This is a great tool to help clarify these general diet categories for you.

Metabolic Typing is a nutritional system which builds upon the work of great nutritional pioneers such as Westin Price and other researchers who sought to understand what an authentic, nourishing diet should look like. The difficulty of this question lies in the fact that we all have very different backgrounds and ancestries, and this results in the reality that there is no one-size-fits-all diet for all individuals. Metabolic typing uses a great body of research to enable us to correctly identify the appropriate diet for our body, and then helps us to have an in depth understanding of how to implement it. Common results of our custom nutritional strategy include weight loss, increased energy and stamina, increased mental focus and clarity, and the resolution of chronic health issues. Furthermore, with an understanding of our correct metabolic type we are empowered to make better choices about any future nutritional strategies.

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