Advanced DNA Testing Services in Los Angeles, CA

Globally Recognized Genetic Counselor

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient, complex holistic medical system. I practice this system but I emphasize an updated East-West version of lifestyle counseling. The ancient Chinese had a lot of wonderful insights but so does modern science and general Western holistic culture.

The combination of insights from these many sources enables us to discover the roots of many modern health issues.

The field of epigenetics shows us that although we may have many potential genetic health troubles, these genetic potentials must be actually ‘turned on’ in order for them to become an issue. Research has shown that diet and lifestyle factors are the triggers that turn these health issues on. Fortunately, if you haven’t yet turned these genetic potentials on then you may actually be able to keep them from ever turning on by careful lifestly choices. If you have already started manifesting the early symptoms of these issues then we can, by careful choices, put these genetic risks back to sleep where they belong.

DNA testing

Through DNA testing we can identify many of these risks and decide on the best strategy for you to never have to experience the downside of the genetic lottery system.