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Natural Medicine

Functional Medicine and Western Nutrition

Functional Medicine is the cutting edge of nutritional approaches. Utilizing the latest insights in Neuroscience and PsychoNeuroEndoImmunology (the science of the connections between all the systems if the body, the immune system, and brain). This is a science-based approach to nutrition and is at the forefront of health approaches today.

Natural medicine means an approach to health utilizing both nutrition and herbalism. Both the East and West have developed many helpful health supplementation approaches and it is wise to utilize the best of what works from all sources.

For this reason Dr. Maury Foster Ryan, DACM, LAc has received extensive training in both Western and Eastern approaches. This means that he widely utilizes the highest quality products and approaches from organic Whole Food supplements to Functional Medicine nutritional supplements to the highest quality Chinese herbal extracts- as each case requires.

Functional Medicine & Western Nutrition

There have been a great many discoveries in nutrition since the days of the early nutrition pioneers in the 1800s, and these discoveries continue to this day. Dr. Maury Foster Ryan, DACM, LAc has a passion for all of these ways of looking at nutrition, as all have their own unique merits.

The first issue in nutrition and natural approaches to health is that the patient be coached in adopting lifestyle changes, which sit at the root of any health restoration and maintenance program. Regarding supplements the ideal is to opt for organic, Whole Food nutritional supplementation. Unfortunately not all situations enable this approach so we also practice Functional Medicine.

In Functional Medicine we utilize the most modern scientific discoveries in nutrition with the most sophisticated, science-based nutritional products. These products combine herbal and nutritional, evidence based approaches for maximum effectiveness. In order to utilize these products we use questionnaires, lab testing, muscle testing, and a variety of other testing approaches.

Natural Approach Medicine
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Chinese Medicine and Herbalism

Throughout its 3000 year history, herbalism has been the cornerstone of Chinese medicine, has undergone a constant evolution, and possesses a vast literature. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical science, utilizing its own, unique vision of human physiology, diagnostic techniques, and treatment modalities. These modalities include Acupuncture, Qi Gong, massage, nutrition, and herbal medicine.. It is one of the most sophisticated medical systems in the world and possesses a profound set of diagnostic tools, as well as profoundly effective treatment protocols for the prevention of illness and the return of health. Mar Vista Center for Acupuncture possesses a large pharmacy, with herbs and nutritional products in a variety of formats.

Chinese Herbology uses herbs in combinations. This enables the treatment of multiple disorders and complex illnesses. It also reduces the side effects of large dosages of single herbs, as well as reducing the risk of averse reactions to any single herb.

Chinese herbology contains numerous formulas for the tonification of the body and the building of health. Chinese herbs are very powerful, but in order to be effective they must be prescribed on an individual basis, as no two persons and no two situations are ever the same. This is a unique feature of Chinese Herbology. This can only be done with an appropriate diagnosis by a qualified practitioner.

For some more detailed information on Chinese Herbology here’s a link to Wikipedia’s discussion of Chinese Herbal Medicine: