Diagnostic Methods in Los Angeles, CA

Foster Ryan, LAc utilizes a variety of diagnostic methods depending on the situation or client needs. He integrates the most ancient with the most modern methods available.

Biomedical Laboratory Testing
Laboratory testing enables us to establish a basis of certainty. Such an approach is not always necessary but it will always from a firm foundation, and is vital in complex and chronic illnesses, as well as in potentially dangerous acute situations.

Laboratories utilized include, but are not limited to: Diagnos-Techs, Cyrex Labs, Lab Corp, and Metametrix Labs..

Diagnostic Method

Pulse Diagnosis
Pulse Diagnosis is an ancient technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Though ancient, this art is seldom truly understood in modern times. Foster Ryan, LAc has studied with perhaps the world’s greatest living master of this art, Dr. Zhang Wei-Yen. The uniqueness of this system lays in its anatomical correlations and its ability to translate information gathered from the pulse into very modern and clinically useful information.

This pulse system can reveal anatomical problems such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, bone spurs, gall stones, varicoceles, sinus infections, gastric or duodenal ulcers, coronary blockages and a host of other physical aliments. It is able to reveal the virtual entirety of a person’s medical history and condition in contemporary language, as well as in Traditional Chinese Medical language. This system is particularly important for herbal medicine diagnosis.

During acupuncture treatments Foster Ryan LAc utilizes the technique of pulse balancing for the monitoring of the progress of the treatment. This technique enables the acupuncturist to monitor the changing conditions within the body to be certain that the goal is achieved.

Visual Diagnosis
There are a number of methods recorded in the Chinese Classics and still in use today due to their tremendous effectiveness. Such methods as Facial diagnosis, Hand diagnosis, and Forearm Skin diagnosis, as well as the better known Tongue diagnosis are very effective diagnosis on their own, for confirming a diagnosis, or for finding complications in a diagnosis obtained through other methods. Each method gives unique information.