Women relaxing during acupuncture sessionFoster Ryan, LAc has an integrative philosophy of health. He believes in taking an integral view, and in using the appropriate tool for a patient’s condition.

True health care requires that we take a multidimensional view, looking at body, mind, and spirit and making sure that all three are working together in harmony. This is the philosophy of Chinese Medicine and should be kept in mind, and must be adapted to our modern, western lifestyle.

The acupuncturist’s general philosophy toward health is best described as the Tonify the Earth School” of Li Dong Yuan. This essentially means the “Strengthen the digestion school”. As the source of our energy, the digestion should rightfully be the center of our focus in any treatment approach. This principle applies in acupuncture as well as in herbalism and lifestyle counseling.

Along with this treatment philosophy Foster Ryan, LAc also is a strong believer in utilizing a comprehensive lifestyle based approach for both the prevention of illness and for lifestyle optimization. This means looking at one’s health approach on a body, mind, and spirit level. This is also a longevity-oriented lifestyle approach. Personal fulfillment is also promoted with this orientation toward one’s health.

Functional medicine is the leading edge, science based approach that best mimics the ancient Chinese holistic vision, but using science. By using lab testing, DNA testing, and evidence-based nutritional strategies we can come up with a preventative and holistic health management approach that will make even your MD happy. Modern medical science has made great breakthroughs in the understanding of the pathways of wellness, and I strongly believe in using this information to your benefit.


This is the foundation of healthcare. Along with a balanced mental, emotional, and spiritual state, this is where our healthcare attention must start. Diet is the key- a diet of REAL FOOD! This food must be clean and as close to natural as possible, preferably organic vegetables and grass fed or free range meats. Supplementation can be used on top of this approach to fill in the gaps and to overcome the limits of diet alone. I draw from the entire rich tradition of nutrition in the West, and also draw inspiration from the ancient Chinese dietary principles.


Acupuncture is a rich tradition with many schools of thought and specialties. The tradition is rooted in the 2500 year old Chinese classic “The Huang Di Nei Jing”, or “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”. Most of the styles practiced today have their roots in this book but have been greatly developed since that time.

Different schools of thought have developed throughout Asia which tend to emphasize different aspects of this long developmental tradition.

Foster Ryan LAc has studied with masters from a number of different schools and traditions. He utilizes the techniques learned from these teachers as he feels would best benefit the individual patient.

Among the techniques he has studied and utilizes are:

Tung Style Acupuncture. This is an ancient, highly effective, and unique method of practice. It is well known for its powerful, seemingly miraculous results using very few needles. Needling is not performed on the painful area and pain relief can be instantaneous. This method is used equally for internal medicine and for pain treatments.

Kototama School Japanese Acupuncture (a style oriented toward tonification of the patient’s individual root constitution combined with bodywork)

Richard Teh-Fu Tan’s Balance Method. This consists of a variety of approaches. One is a method of treating pain in which the injured area is not needled at all, few needles are used, and pain relief can be instantaneous. Balance method treatments also include systematic balance methods where the whole meridian system is balanced with few needles.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Style Acupuncture (the standard style of Chinese and American acupuncture schools)

Foster Ryan is a strong believer in the power of bodywork/massage and combines treatments with bodywork when appropriate, especially in pain and orthopedic cases.


Foster Ryan, LAc is a strong believer in the power of herbalism. He utilizes Traditional Chinese herbalism in a variety of formats.

Customized formulas are written for patients using thousands year old principles. Herbal extract powders are used from the highest quality sources for the making of the formulas. These herbal products have been tested repeatedly for contaminants and quality in order to assure you the most pure products available. Our providers are located here in the United States and the products are processed in the most modern facilities.


Foster Ryan, LAc is a long time student of the Taoist healing arts, and brings the benefits of this study to his acupuncture practice. Medical Qi Gong was a natural unfolding from his own personal Qi gong practice, and he brings this to his patients interested in uprooting the deepest roots of disease. The benefits of this practice are evident in every acupuncture treatment as his Qi Gong practice enables a powerful needling result.