Hello World!

Hello everybody. I have no idea what I’m doing yet, and if you even ever see this then know that I am 100% winging it- just pressing and poking at things until I figure out what they are and how to do this.

I never thought about being a blogger, really, but I do love reading them and spend too much time on other people’s blogs. I think of blogs as modern versions of hanging out in cafes ranting about whatever comes up. Well, cafes are now all filled up with people staring into laptops so they aren’t the same anymore- well, still a little bit the same- I still get things out of my cafe time and still spend plenty of time there doing my paperwork and studying, Still, I must say, blogs are more convenient for these things. You can go to them at any time and take the time to think about any responses- or just lurk with no pressure.

So, here’s my blog. Lurk away if you want- but I’d love if you’d comment too- then I’ll feel like I exist and I’m not just yammering into the air. I know that I love when people respond to my Facebook posts, so I’m sure this’ll be even more like that and will inspire me to continue- at least I hope I’ll continue.

My basic goals for this blog are to expound on holistic medicine, the science behind it, meditation (especially Dzogchen), neuroplasticity, psychoneuroendoimmunology, qigong and qigong science, nutrition, and the food industry. I’m a foodie too so I’m sure some of that will creep in there too.

I need to give talks for business reasons so I hope that this will be a good place to work out some ideas for such presentations.

I also hope that I have some fun- so wish me luck- and I hope that others enjoy it.


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