I bring to my work a love of the integration of East and West in medicine. I believe that complete health requires the integration of all parts of our being on every level, and this means that we must be broadminded in order to accomplish this in our modern complex life. Along with traditional Chinese medical methods, I believe in skillfully integrating western nutrition with my Chinese Medicine training to create optimal health.I am a devoted student of the most modern natural medicine approach of Functional Medicine- a science based nutrition approach. I combine this with neuroscience, for its effect on treating the central mechanisms of disease and the mind-body links which can make complex diseases so complex.

I am always learning and always pushing the edge of my understanding, and refuse to just follow any tradition and rest with that. At the same time, every approach has something to offer and I try to learn from it.

I love my work, and I love helping people to be more alive and joyful.