True Anti-Aging Medicine

When we think of anti-aging medicine we tend to think of hormone supplementation. This is the idea that has been promoted for some time by many medical professionals. But is that the right way to go about it? Is it really a good idea to be doing that? What about the idea of supplementing estrogen and how it turns out that this promotes cancer development? And how about the idea of injecting oneself with growth hormone daily, forever?

Well, smarter approaches to anti-aging have been discovered that I feel a lot better about, and that strike me as the actual truth. I have long trusted the ancient Chinese Taoist wisdom- even if their language may be archaic, they were onto something. Their approach was a balanced and sensible one which still applies to us today. They believed in ‘cultivating the center’. This meant three things: strengthen digestive health; strengthen the center of the mind- the Shen in Chinese; and supporting the Kidneys- hormone health, mostly.

What is the Shen- well, it most closely resembles the brain.

So they recommended supporting digestive health; brain health; and hormone health.  What do all three have in common? They are all managed and stimulated by the brain. So, what we are really saying is the key is to support brain health. Well, they were right, and modern discoveries have revealed the truth of their ideas.

Brain health is the true anti aging medicine!

The other two are also important and all three interact with each other.


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