Neuroscience for Fun and Profit

Have you been keeping track of the newest and hottest thing in science, the field of Neuroscience? If not, you should take a look. For the last 25 years scientists have been using cutting edge technology to probe into the human brain and have discovered things that are going to change our lives forever. These discoveries are starting to change healthcare and holistic medicine, psychology, spirituality, politics, marketing, and anything else connected to thought. Insights from this science are changing our world forever.

Along with discoveries about the human brain have come discoveries in the field of psychoneuroimmunology– a field which has discovered how the brain, the nervous system, the immune system, and the endocrine system all communicate with each other directly and through the brain, each system directly regulating the other systems in ways never before imagined by science. These are discoveries directly supporting ancient holistic medicine theories, and giving us many new tools.

Of interest to me and you are the direct application of these insights into managing our own health care. These discoveries have enabled us to discover nutritional strategies for brain and psychological health. We can now directly nourish neurotransmitters, along with nutritionally addressing the underlying causes of their imbalances. For example, maybe our depression is really just a case of low serotonin– so we can nourish serotonin and clear our depression. Many difficulties in other areas of the body can alter neurotransmitter and brain health, with serious effects on the ability of our brains to regulate our body’s many systems. Aging itself has a major effect on brain health. Fortunately we can use science based dietary, nutritional, and herbal strategies to counteract or slow these damaging processes. In addition we now have insights into how meditation and other exercises can directly repair the body and optimally tune the brain.


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