When it comes to alternative medicine, not everybody is certain that what I is what they need, or that I am the best match for their healthcare needs.

If you wish then I offer free short consultations at my office where we can meet and have a conversation and shortly discuss your health issues. I can only help you a little bit in these short meetings, but I hope to at least give you a sense of whether or not we are a good fit. Not every practitioner is a perfect match for every patient. I would rather that we get that question clear first if you have any questions about that.

I you wish to have a more in depth discussion about your health concerns then we can also do that for a small charge, which varies according to time. I charge for my time, that’s all. One half hour of my time costs $85, however one wishes to use it, whether for consultations, lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, or for Functional Medicine. I do not charge differently for different services.

In a consultation I may be able to help you weed through confusion about health issues, about conflicting theories about nutrition you have heard for your condition, or just give you a second opinion on something. I can do lab reviews if you wish, also.